The search for reasonably priced Slink High Heels…

There’s been a lot of chatter in groups recently about where to find reasonably priced Slink High heels – so I thought I’d come to your rescue ladies!

If you’re after high quality Slink Heels, you HAVE to check out ..::illi::.. on marketplace. This man not only makes gorgeous slink shoes, but they almost all have a HUD that includes not only the 256 colour options, but several high quality textures too! For between 70L – 130L, you can grab some high quality Slink shoes (he does also sell Slink Mids and Flats by the way). So check his store out right HERE.

Below is one of his recent creations, and OMG I am in loooove with the transparent options!

Nila Mules

They can be worn with or without the spikes, so whatever your mood, there’s an option to suit you!

I’m wearing:

Shoes – Nila Mules by ..::illi::..

Shorts – Teri Mesh Jean Shorts by R.icelli

Top – Tummy Tank by AlterEgo (Group Gift August)

Hair – Kaley Mixed by *~*Damselfly*~*


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