Argh Paparazzi!

Okay so maybe not so much, but I feel I SHOULD be under attack by the ‘Razzi when I put this dress on. The mesh is incredibly well done, it fit my body like a glove (and the fitmesh version actually was mesh that fit for once!) with no strange body breakthrough (which we all love, right? haha).

Of course, if you know me you know I love my HUD options when I buy an outfit, and this one is no exception. With five stunning rich satin inspired colours, you can wear the dress in anything from a silver to ferrari red – but in my case, I chose the yellow/gold. Odd for me, I know, but you have to admit that the colour has a certain red carpet appeal to it right?

Lisa Dress

Want what I’ve got? Get it there –

Dress: Lisa by Rowena’s Designs

Hair: Noor by MINA hair

Shoes: Daria by ..::ILLI::..


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