Lalita Dress

We all have a little good and evil in us, right? Well that’s exactly what I started thinking when I laid eyes on the new Lalita dress from Rowena’s Designs. This gorgeous, highly detailed dress has two versions – the Lalita, and the Gothic Lalita (both with HUDS that offer five additional options) and has a fitmesh option that moulds the dress (including the shoulder areas, which are the hardest areas for me to get to fit) just perfectly.

I recommend pairing it (either dress) with the Kaylie boots (also from Rowena’s), because these beautiful boots have soooo many texture options, both light and dark colours – it will go with either style!! You have to try these out ladies!

Lalita Dress

We’re wearing:

Dresses – Lalita (right) and Gothic Lalita (left) by Rowena’s Designs

Boots (right) – Kaylie by Rowena’s Designs

Hair (right) – Please by Magicka


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