50L Jewellery? Out of my way, I’m on a shopping mission!!

It’s always amazed me how much SL Jewellery can cost. Don’t misunderstand me, designers who make unique mesh – well that’s understandable, it’s one of a kind work, but for the most part I really don’t want to spend 250L on a necklace (even if it is gorgeous) just because it’s called a ‘Diamond’ necklace…

Anyway, my prayers were answered this week when Rowena’s Designs released a bunch of jewellery for… you guessed it… 50L! Each peice has a HUD offering gold/silver/black options, and many have stone colouring options also. The textures are stunning, so don’t miss this one. You’ll find her jewellery inside the store on the wall behind the counter (to your right slightly).


Above (in order from left to right) I’m wearing (all by Rowena’s Designs)

1) Calla Lily Necklace and Earrings (50L set)

2) Corde Amare Necklace and Oscula Papilionem Bracelet (Separate pieces, 50L each)

3) Alae Atrae Necklace (50L)

The pictured lingerie is by Blacklace


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