I’m not dead… just sick!

Thank goodness Winter is over (for me at least). I’m pretty sure everyone in Australia has had this cold now – it’s been going through the country like wildfire!

So, my apologies for neglecting you all, but I was relatively sure you wouldn’t want to read the rantings of a woman on cold and flu tablets! So to make it up to you, here is my latest catch from Rowena’s Designs, the gorgeous Chrissy skirt and top, paired with her Dalena boots – to die for! My favourite part has to be the boots though, because you can wear them with or without slink high feet, meaning you can take them off and you won’t be legless waiting for your avatar to remove the alphas boots always have. Win ❤

Chrissy Outfit & Dalena Boots

I’m wearing:

Hair – Cody by Magicka

Skirt and Jacket – Chrissy by Rowena’s Designs

Boots – Dalena (slink high) by Rowena’s Designs


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