I’ve always loved the way SL embraces holidays, and Halloween is no exception! The grid has slowly transformed over the last few weeks to a land covered in ghosts, goblins, witches, ghosts and other things that go bump in the fog! So I thought I’d thrown on some spooky outfits and go wandering around SL’s spooktacular places!

Regina Dress

Loving this dress (Regina by Rowena’s Designs), and I couldn’t resist adding the cute group gift hat from Argrace. Doesn’t it just have an evil queen vibe to it? The best part – the top and dress meshes are seperate, so you can use the top with other items too!

Chloe Black22

Now this look is something truly unique – though the image doesn’t show it (obviously), the corset of this dress has a texture that MOVES. I’m not kidding you, it moves!! Not in a crazy way either, it’s a slow rotation of the texture that just makes it POP. You have to check this out, you’ll find it it at Giulia Design, it’s called Chloe – try a demo!

If you’re loving the hair, you can this one (Jane) at Runaway Hair!


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