I’m blue

ViVi Josephine dk blue jeans & Sarah sweater blue final

If you now have that song stuck in your head, then my job here is done 😉

It’s been an interesting day in the mesh body world, given Belleza’s announcement that a DCMA has been filed against the Belleza Venus body. Of course this has resulted in an uproar amongst loyal Belleza fans, but for my take, everyone’s innocent until proven guilty, and that’s what the DCMA process is all about.

Moving away from the more dramatic topics and back on to fashion, I’m sporting the gorgeous EVE mesh body again today, along with the latest release from Vivi, the Sarah mini knit sweatshirt. This top comes in a variety of colours, but I highly recommend you jump to their inworld store and join their subscriber list, because this blue one I’m wearing is the free monthly gift! Do yourself a favour and check it out guys 🙂

I’m blue in –

Shirt – Sarah Mini Knit Sweatshirt by ViVi (comes in a variety of colours and appliers)

Jeans – Josephine Skinny Denim Jeans (Dark Blue) by ViVi (comes in a variety of colours and appliers)

Hair – Bryn by Truth (50% sale for the next week and a bit, get on it guys!)

Mesh Body – EVE Mesh Body by EVE


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