Party girls don’t get hurt…


One of my favourite parts of being a blogger, is being a chameleon. Now this is possibly because in RL I am a very straight forward (some might almost say, straight laced) person. I’ve never felt the need to try and change who I am, or to dress as anything other than who I am…. and in SL I’m not much different – except when I’m blogging!

My favourite part of this particular shoot was creating a ‘tougher’ style…. my second favourite part was getting ejected from an RP Sim for standing idly and posing like a weirdo (there was a guy sitting on the corner with freaking tentacle hands but hey, *I’M* THE WEIRDO??) hahaha. My bad guys, carry on your…. tentacling? Is that a thing? Is now, it’s on the internet 😉

❤ Daria

I’m so rocker chic in:

Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya

Skin – Emily (Natural No.11) by AIMI Skins

Corset – Juliana Corset by Biscuit (Omega & Slink Appliers included) – Available from Olala Event Feb 1st

Jacket – Nicole Shoulder Jacket & Tank – Blueberry (Available at No.21 Event) **Belleza/Slink/Maitreya Fitmesh Clothing

Ring – Princess Me Ring by SugarBabeZ  – Available from Olala Event Feb 1st

Jeans – Wide Red Belt Jeans by [d.l.s.] – Available at the I Heart the Cart Sale (for 10L!!!)


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