Blogger-Mania at CaTwA!


So today I thought I’d take a wander around the new CaTwA store, partially because I’m just addicted to hair, but also because they’re currently looking for bloggers and the application involves taking a photo somewhere within the new store. That’s all well and good, and I had a blast running around the place thinking of potential photo setups – and I wasn’t alone! During my ‘scouting’ mission, I came across at least five other bloggers who came and went, taking pictures in different locations – and let me tell you, if you’re really bored, go check it out because there is nothing funnier than watching us bloggers trying and set everything up for our pictures. To us of course, we see the ‘end result’, so it looks perfectly reasonable to the person taking the photo… to everyone else, all you see is people sitting on signs, floating in the air or better yet, holding weird poses in strange locations within the store. Want that ponytail hair? Boo there’s a blogger in it! *giggles*

Enough of my silliness though – check out the new store and don’t forget it’s nearly end of the month which means…..  NEW EVENTS!!! (my favourite part of the month can you tell?). Mwah!

❤ Daria

I’m shopping in:
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Foxy by WOW Skins (Only at the Hipster Fair from 1st Feb – 15th Feb)
Hair – Katy by ^;^CaTwA^;^
Dress – Champagne Mesh Dress by ::Zup:: (Only at Olala from Feb 1st) (standard mesh)
Bracelets – Interlocking Multi-Ring Bangles by :Diamante: (On the MM board, Woo hoo!)


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