All dolled up….

Fresh   The start of the month is always such a crazy time for bloggers, and me in particular. The first week of every month is filled with new releases from sponsors, events (both new and old) opening and let’s face it, a lot of shopping to do!!! One event I was really waiting for was the Fresh (ROMP) event. There’s something about the naughty mix of sexy fashion, fun furniture and just raunchiness that I *had* to get my hands on! If you haven’t checked it out yet, I can’t stress enough to get your butt there! There’s a mixture of applier clothing, sexy furniture, poses, naughty mesh and even one mesh body fitmesh item I laid eyes on (made by Pure Poison, I haven’t checked this one personally so make sure you try a demo).

I loved this bedroom set by bauwerk, so that had to become part of the mess that is my inventory! The set includes decor (such as the ice bowl and my friend Lampy here), a bed and pouffe with some gasp worthy animations, the chair you see pictured and much more. I decided to team it up with this pose display case from *~*HopScotch*~ and channel my inner slave doll 😉

The only thing about Fresh that disappointed me a little was the under representation of the Femdom persuasion. On the scale of kink, though that sl scene isn’t really for me, I’m far more swayed towards Domme than I am submissive, and I’m always waiting to get my hands on some classy, kinky, well done furniture for Femdom. Maybe one day…. Check the event out HERE 😉 ❤ Daria

I’m dolled up in:
Makeup – Japanese Doll Makeup by LPD (Gift from a while ago – I’m using WOW Skins Milk applier as a base)
Mesh Body – Slink Physique by Slink Lashes – Lashes Perles de Animate by DS’ELLES
Hair – Sakura (flowers) by Truth (Old Gatcha)
Dress – Trisha Dress (Black) by ViVi (other colours available, includes many appliers)

Display Case – Pretty Doll Brown by  *~*HopScotch*~*  (Available at Fresh (by ROMP) event)
Lamp – Little Glowing Friend by bauwerk (Available at Fresh (by ROMP) event)
Bed – Black Leather Bed by bauwerk (Available at Fresh (by ROMP) event)
Bowl – Bowl with Ice by bauwerk  (Available at Fresh (by ROMP) event)
Chair – Decadence Leather Chair by bauwerk  (Available at Fresh (by ROMP) event)


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