Mesh Body Skins and Graphics Cards…


RIP my graphics card. We were inseparable (except you know, anytime I walked away from the computer). We had some amazing times… some laughs… some tears… some screaming (Oh I’ll never forget that time Blender crashed and lost our dress…. we learnt so much about the importance of saving, that day).

But, now you’re gone to another place. Not a better place really, after all a bin is a bin…. but I know you will be kept company by my Fridge (RIP 7/12/14), my brother’s computer monitor (lost in the ‘randomly started producing black smoke’ incident of January 2015) and my Washing Machine (RIP 16/3/15).

Hopefully I’ll be back up and running SL-Wise very soon (or maybe me and my 5 year old spare NVidea card will establish a new art form – “Blur and lag – a post-modern take on the expense of appliances”, coming soon to a blog near you) 😉

On the plus side, I did find a new Mesh Body Friendly store this week… .:.CoCoches.:. offers skins (all of which include Omega, Eve, Slink and TMP appliers, a tonne of additional lipsticks/brow and makeup options), applier clothing and hair. So if you’re looking for something with a bit of edge, check them out! (and don’t forget my Designer List for skins, appliers etc HERE)

Now, if I can just go for 6 months without a household appliance or electronic of some kind dying, I’ll be a happy camper!

❤ Daria

I’m mourning in:
Mesh Body – Eve Slim v8.4 by Absolut Creation
Skin – Selena Natural M5 + Selena Lipstick 8 by .:.CoCoches.:. (Skin pack includes Omega, Slink, TMP & Eve appliers)
Eyes – Eternity Eyes (Bright Blue) by .:.CoCoches.:.
Hair – Nicki Hair by [RunAway]
Dress – Mrs Robinson Dress 02 by D-Style (Only @ 50 Shades of Lust event, coming March 20th)
Bracelet – Wanderlust (Tropics) by Cae (Available at the Liaison Collaborative)


6 thoughts on “Mesh Body Skins and Graphics Cards…

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  2. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go with you Daria, through these distressing times.
    I too sadly lost a hairdryer recently as it suddenly felt that it’s purpose in life would be better served crisping chicken. (The brûlée incident of 03/03/215)
    This is nothing compared to your recent losses of course but I can only suggest that time will heal.
    Time and maybe an electrician to check your circuits aren’t spiking.

    Love and hugs,
    Coco xx


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  4. Oh No Daria , you poor thing , so sorry to hear about your loss, my dear dear GHD straightener was lost to me just before Christmas so i sort of know what pain you must be feeling.
    Hugs and SL misses you
    Love Shanie


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