Review Policies

Mesh Body Addicts is a niche mesh body and mesh head fashion blog. If you are a designer looking to have your mesh body fashion displayed on a high traffic and well integrated blog, please feel free to contact me and/or send review copies of your items to me inworld (lildaria resident).

I especially encourage mesh body, mesh head and mesh body fitmesh clothing creators to contact me, as these are the most commonly requested items by my readers.

  • Mesh Bodies/Heads – I write Mesh Body & Mesh Head reviews, so if you submit your mesh body/head to me it will be reviewed on my website.
  • Other items – I do my best to blog review items if they fit the style of my blog and I feel my readers would enjoy it, however please know due to time constraints I cannot blog every item I receive (sorry!).

Please note any items that breach Second Life’s TOS, Copyright or another Designer’s IP will NOT be blogged and the user/store will be reported to both the owner and Linden Labs.

Thank you,

Daria (lildaria resident) ❤


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