Designers Lists

I’m often asked questions about the mesh bodies – where to get clothing, where to get skins, which body is best – and whilst all of these are subjective based on your own personal taste, I thought it might help you all if I share with you some of my favourite places to shop for my mesh bodies. Keep in mind this list is not intended to be exhaustive, this is just a starting point for all you fellow mesh body fans! 
If you’re a designer of if you know of a store that deserves to be here, just use the Contact Me form!

Fitmesh Clothing – Designer List

Applier Clothing – Designer list

Skin designers

Shoe Designers


5 thoughts on “Designers Lists

  1. This is the most needed and infornative blog article I’ve read to date. It includes some personal preferences, always like to get the writers opinion, but mostly an factual overview of what each body does and does not offer. I have TMP and am hoping they donate a copy. Looking fforward to an updated all inclusive review of the top mesh bodies being offered on Marketplace at present.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words Hayley, I’m glad you found it informative and helpful 🙂 I’ve updated my reviews (still a few in progress) so that they now have a page each, detailing all information I can find on them! I’ve sent a request to TMP but I suppose time will tell ❤


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