Mesh Body Reviews


Reviews : Female Mesh Bodies

Slink Physique V2.2
Maitreya – Lara 
Belleza – Venus
The Mesh Project
G.Inc – Perfect Body
Eve Slim & Pulpy
Lena Lush & Perky
Altamura – Rosa

Reviews : Male Mesh Bodies

Kauna – Tauso
Tellaq – Broderick


What are these reviews?

I’m often asked the same question both in-world and through my blog – what is the best Mesh Body out there? Unfortunately the answer isn’t so simple, because there isn’t one *best* Mesh Body on the market (and I’m not trying to be politically correct here, I just honestly see pros and cons in all of them), however there will be a *best* mesh body for YOU – it all depends on your taste.

To help with this decision, I’ve decided to write mesh body reviews – a mixture of my personal opinions and the facts about each body’s inclusions, limitations and features. Now please note that I obviously don’t have every single body on the market listed here, and that is simply because I will not review mesh bodies that I haven’t worn for at least a week, and if for whatever reason I’m not sent a review copy or I’m unable to access them of my own accord, they won’t be listed here. As always my standard disclaimer applies –  the reviews may become out of date (I’ll do my best, promise), all pros and cons are my opinion (love it or hate it) and if I get something wrong, I’m always happy to be corrected ❤

Not sure what I’m talking about? A few definitions for you:

Alpha Cuts – Each body comes with a selection of alpha cuts (parts of the body that can be made invisible to increase the body’s compatibility with normal mesh clothing), because remember, a mesh body cannot ‘wear’ an alpha like a system body can. Where the designer ‘cuts’ the alphas can become important with a mesh body, because you don’t want to have to make your whole chest invisible just to fit into a crop top!

Clothing Layers – Mesh bodies often have two clothing layers – one designer for top/pants, one for panties/bra. The panty/bra layer is usually like a ‘painted on’ layer (much like system clothing on a normal avatar), however the top/pant alpha layer often sits a – or so back from the body, and has certain features (ie. doesn’t dip in between the breasts, the layer goes straight across, to create that realistic mesh-wearing look of your clothing). If you’re not sure what I mean, look at some of my posts with sweaters/tops on, you’ll see the clothing doesn’t dip in between the breasts, it goes straight across. Amazing!

HUDS – Each body has a HUD that controls certain features (skin appliers, layers that show etc).

Omega Appliers – Put simply – one day, a creator noticed just how many appliers were required when buying mesh bodies/body attachments in SL. Slink, Azz, Booty, Lolas and the list was only getting longer! So they decided to create one single universal applier that could apply clothing to any and all of those body parts or bodies. One applier to rule them all! Now it hasn’t quite worked that way – Slink and TMP are not on-board with the Omega appliers and as such their products do not respond to Omega Appliers – but most others (including Belleza, Maitreya, Lena) do! Want to know more? Check out the Omega webpage HERE.


18 thoughts on “Mesh Body Reviews

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  3. This review is missing TheMeshProject body, which has great breasts and shoulders (probably the best of all). It also offers a free version that comes with many skin tones to match the skin of the avatar. It’s only drawback is that it’s not compatible with SLink feet but it comes with its own hands that are excellent.


    • Hi Margot – I agree, and I mention TMP on the page as missing too. Unfortunately they’re not sending out review copies to bloggers, and I can’t assess the alpha layers and overall usability of the item without having the full body to wear around for a while, but here’s hoping at some point I can get my hands on one! ❤


      • I hope you can. Inthe meantime you could play with the free version and use the free dress and pumps that fit like a glove without the need for alphas. I’ll go take a look at Eve as I ignored her existence by now. Did I say that this is a very useful and informative article? It is. ☺

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Good idea Margot, thank you 🙂 and thank you for letting me know you’ve found it informative!! It means the world to me to know that people are finding it useful in making decisions about mesh bodies!! ❤ Merry Christmas!!


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    • Oh definitely! Many designers make appliers for the head now, I would recommend checking out:
      WOW Skins

      All of those designers make skins with Visage heads. Also check out marketplace, just type ‘Visage’ into your search, you will see lots of options come up 🙂 Perhaps I should do a Visage skin special blog ❤


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    • Oh it’s coming! I had all of them up there but started re-writing them to be more informative. I was hoping to catch Slink’s update before I wrote it but that seems to be delayed so might just have to bite the bullet and write it 🙂


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  8. Hello!

    Mesh Bodies and Heads are COMPLETELY new to me … out of all the ones that are out there now, which do you find is your favorite in your opinion? {Especially the heads}
    Thank you so much in advance! =D


    • Hey Kylla! It’s totally a personal preference thing, but personally I use Maitreya and belleza bodies and a Lelutka mesh head most 🙂 if you’re new, I recommend looking at the ebody- it’s designed to fit standard mesh and works perfectly with standard fitted mesh 🙂


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