Niramyth – Aesthetic

Now keep in mind people, I’m not a guy, and men may have very different views on what looks good than I do… but guys, if you get this body, help everyone out and leave a comment with your thoughts ❤ A big thank you to Alphonse from .::ILLI::. for helping me write this review ❤ Check his store out for some great items for this body.

The Body:


The Details:

Cost – 2,799L
Designer – Niramyth
Current Reviewed Version: v1.5
Includes – Fitmesh Body, Mesh Head, 5 shapes and an AO
Number of clothing layers: 2 – Tattoo layer and Clothes layer.
Skins tones included – 2
Save Slots for Other Skins – 20 slots
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 0 slots
Save Slots for Appliers – 0 slots

The HUD:

Alpha CUTS V1.5 Skins V1.5

  • The body and skins are really detailed, with body hair, eyebrow and other detailed options
  • The body includes a mesh head
  • A muscular male AO is included with the body
  • Because of the way the tattoo layer is structured, it’s possible to wear multiple tattoos on different areas of the body at once, which is cool
  • Designer kits are available with different designers currently working on both mesh clothing and footwear for this body already
  • The pants layer. I LOVE THIS. Basically, you manually ‘add’ the pants layer when you want to use it, which is great for avoiding layer alpha flickering issues. The layer itself is what’s most impressive though. The layer is shaped like pants – as in, it’s not a clone of the body leg shape with a few tweaks, it’s an actual pant looking layer that goes down over the ankles like pants would, meaning when you use applier pants – it’s basically like you’re wearing mesh pants (obviously a basic shaped mesh pant, but still a decent mesh pant). This is incredible, and I hope female creators take notice of this style of layering!
  • There’s no demo available of this body, which makes it very difficult when deciding if you want to purchase it
  • It’s another overly muscled male body! It’s such a shame too, because Niramyth are clearly definitely capable of making some gorgeous non-muscleman mesh!
  • Skin tones have definitely increased options but I still find it hard to match the more reddish based skins (Belleza etc). Mind you the RGB HUD helps with that, and you can add a colour to the colour palette now, so at least you won’t have to do it more than once (until a HUD update).
  • Body won’t fit most standard sized clothes, but this won’t change, the shape of the body is too muscular. Having said that though, the creator of the body is releasing quite a bit of full perm fitmesh, so there are a number of designers out there now putting these items out.



22 thoughts on “Niramyth – Aesthetic

  1. As you point out, one of the drawbacks is that the creator has a fantasy avatar background…and it shows. The weird grey skin tones, that make the Enzo look like a statue, with poor skin texture variation.
    My main gripe, however, are the legs; even on full muscle slider using appearance menu to change shape, the upper torso is excellent, but the legs look like a scrawny, underfed sparrow’s by comparison.
    However, it is still a work in progress, as the creator points out, and it is still an excellent male mesh avatar. But, those skin tones! Just awful. I wish, now, I had gone for the black skinned version.

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    • Actually, T-Bone … the black skinned versions are lacking a bit too, in my opinion. I purchased one so I could learn more about it and to get the developer’s kit (which store owners who want to make products can’t get unless they buy the body) and I felt that while the detail of the body was amazing, like you said the legs were skinny. But the skin on the darker body is still grayish, especially on the feet. It makes them look ashy. So that’s not really a selling point.

      I’m hoping that we see some skin makers come out with alternatives for this body soon; ones that will have appliers.


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  3. Hello Daria! Lovely post saw you used some of the info I gave.
    But what you wrote about the demo which i saw at the cons.
    Niramyth will put it out once the beta is over and the final body release is out.
    Thought I would clarify that.

    So far it looks like they really listen to the customer and have things on a pending list to update.
    If you like muscled this is def the best option out there now.

    Hope I figure out the feet kit soon haha.


  4. I have been playing around with this mesh body as well as the TMP Body.
    It is specifically targeted for the more developed muscle type which is nice as not all of us want to look 20.
    There are some clothing options though you need to try demos first to make sure you get a great fit.
    The down side is the lack of skin options, although the included skin is very detailed if you use the mesh head you will look like a clone.
    Again the shame is the mesh head has great potential as it is the only male head around with open eyes.
    Personally I love this body and its skin, but being a huge skin whore it can be frustrating!
    It works well with other heads and the system head. Once you get to grips with RGB its easy to match.
    I would defiantly recommend it for a heavier set avi!


  5. I’m taking a “wait and see” with it. I want a bodybuilder look, like I currently have on my standard avi. Most other mesh male bodies are bubble-boys or look like a Neanderthal. This is the best bodybuilder look I have seen yet. If they fix the bird-legs and the grey tone to the skin, I might be tempted.


  6. I personally love this body & might I say best looking behind for SL Males, you can adjust it alot with shape from thin buff guy to beefy. I don’t use mesh head I prefer to use my own sl face (almost everyone I know who have the body use their SL Heads). I’ve been able to match 3 different skin tones from Aeros Skins it takes time but worth it. They have plans to have other skins to help match more skin in future they are still in early stages and have surpassed all others.The amount of clothes out there for the Aesthetic is rapidly growing more choices I think that even some of the older bodies. You can use a majority of standard mesh pants just not all. And they do have plans to do other body types if demand is great enough. They are well known for their quality just see their other designs.


  7. The Alpha has been redone with many more areas. With even more to come.
    It can be slimmed down as to not be all Arnold looking, however it is billed as a muscular av. If you are not looking for that, this is not the av for you.
    the skin tones have been made much much better and matching your skin is easy. Yes you can use your own head with it. 🙂
    Making standard mesh fit is the same with any other mesh body, you have to use the alphas and possibly mod your shape.

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  8. its just the best body period for a guy in sl. with a mod shape (included) you can avoid the roid freak look. only thing is no major established sl clothes makers have made anything for it. only designers of the bling tard stripe


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  10. I must say about the muscles that you are partially in the right in a way. Though you can lower the muscle to like 10 or 20 to become more athletic and less bulky, even though you do stay a little buff, which I find appealing makes you look like a athlete, like a pole jumper or something. I honestly like the body even the face though generic (since it is standard) it isn’t too bad and a lot of people like it. The wide arranges of tattoos is awesome and they also look very good too.

    My mayor drawback is that most shirts don’t fit cause the body seem to be either very muscled at the neck (even at low muscle) or maybe he just stand upright slightly more then a default? I’d say it is the bulk neck/shoulder muscles. Nice that more fitted clothes come out, though thats a help. Though it is difficult to fit tight fitting jackets or shorts you might have with the alpha, cause the neck is is too wide at the back. However neck always are a porblem with loads of mesh bodies.

    Also like to add that for 2799 you really get a lot and the six pack for example as it has bulges you have a better side view then for example the TMP. The muscles just look more 3D is that the right word? Just they have depth and shape, just wearing it makes you really feel a tough guy too.

    Splendid I’d have to say by the way!

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  11. Grumble…Grumble…, OK, Breathe now post…
    Look the Body looks good, still I think the makers are missing a point by not giving us a normalized body instead we keep getting a complete Avatar. I might be a southern man in the minority here on SL but would like to actually see a fit mesh Body not a Avatar and that something that is not TMP! I think the review puts it best as one of the dislikes “It’s another overly muscled male body! It’s such a shame too, because Niramyth are clearly definitely capable of making some gorgeous non-muscleman mesh!” That being said the body does look good just wish it was that just a body might include some hands but have it be compatible with Slink Feet and a blending option so I can use my own head!


    • I have slimmed down my Niramyth body so that it looks damn good. Standard mesh fits easily with just a few alphas on(standard with any mesh body.) Do you have this body or are you going on what you have seen? As MBA said, you can easily use your own head. Also Skins are coming, many popualr skin makers are working on them as we speak.


    • it comes with feet and hands and there is also a neck blender. They did a muscular body 1st cause its most popular. They are likely to do other style bodies they have said so. you must remember this 1 is still in beta they want to prefect this 1 more before they do others.They are by far the best mesh body for males, they already do more for their customers then any others


  12. I got this avatar not too long ago, and I must say I am impressed, specially with the tinting options for the skin.

    I have used this body with a classic head to make several “demon” avatars by using the color tinting and making my own tattoos with the layers.

    I have also have yet to find a set of mesh clothing that I cannot make fit by using the alpha.

    After over eight years on Second Life, I have to say that this is the best male avatars I’ve seen so far with 1st Acts Human Male following as a close second.


  13. Well I sent a note card to Felicity Blumenthal, the Belleza contact person. She said that there is a plan to release a male mesh body in the future but no time table on when it will be available. Kind of tells you where their priorities are and us guys don’t fit in with those priorities at all. The posts here have been encouraging in that the muscles on the body can be scaled down a bit, at first I was under the impression that it couldn’t be at least not very much. I guess I’m going to have to take a good look at this one. It seems to be the best one available at the moment and seems the creators are active in producing a quality mesh body for us guys.


  14. I bit the bullet and bought the Niramyth body. My system avi was pretty muscular, so I wanted a good bodybuilder look. The Niramyth did not fail me………… almost. I got an incredible upper body, tremendous detail and visually, it is just superhuman. Ahhhhnold wishes he had an upper body this ripped and powerful looking.
    The lower, uh, not so good. No matter what you do to legs, lower body, hips, anything, you are stuck with these muscular but bandy little legs that can easily get waaaaaaay out of proportion to the upper body.
    If you want a truly big upper body, you are forced to wear long pants that hide the skinniness of the legs.
    The only other thing I don’t like? It cost a ***FORTUNE*** to clothe this body. Nothing is cheap, the few that are don’t seem to work or look awful.


  15. Actually u can make the leg well balanced if you take time, play with your shape more or find a friend to help you.
    I find for thinner shape if you do say 40 on upper muscular the legs should be 10 to 20 higher so 50 to 60 muscular to balance it better.
    As for the clothes, you actually have more choice then any other male mesh out there.You can wear most standard mesh pants with Aesthetic.
    As for cost there a great stuff out there for 100 lindens or close to it. the same as standard it may take time to build up you clothing closet.
    Buy smartly so u can mix looks


  16. But your solution to making the legs balanced is to reduce the upper body. My point is, if you want a big upper body, you are stuck with muscular, but fairly thin legs. The adjustments for legs max’s out at a point that comes no where near matching the max for the upper body. That’s not a good design, they should match.


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