Tellaq – Broderick

Now keep in mind people, I’m not a guy, and men may have very different views on what looks good than I do… but guys, if you get this body, help everyone out and leave a comment with your thoughts ❤

Designer – Tellaq

Price – 3000L

Mesh Body Type – Head and Body (includes hands and feet)

Includes –  Head, Body (fitted and normal mesh versions), HUD, Shapes, Fitted Mesh outfits, Eyes and a selection of gorgeous skin tones.


The Body and HUD:

Tellaq  hud   

  • The body is too muscley for me, but I found when I reduced the size of the shape on the fitted mesh version,it wasn’t so bad. More ‘gym junkie’ than ‘steriod abuser’ 😀
  • The skin options for this body are gorgeous (as one would expect from Tellaq!)
  • It comes with a head, and although there were no expressions, the face didn’t seem as ‘stiff’ as the female mesh heads often are.
  • The package comes with a lot of clothing – two mesh jeans, two mesh jackets, boxer shorts and so forth, all with colour HUDS.
  • Body hair was optional and could be easily taken off/put on
  • The body was easy to use and understand
  • The body, oddly enough, doesn’t have an alpha HUD. The alpha selections are exactly what you see in the HUD above – they’re all designed to cater to the clothing included with the body which isn’t a perfect fit for the body (which I would have expected), thus requiring the alpha. This limits use of normal mesh immensely, because alphas available are specific shapes of ‘transparency’, so when I tried to wear normal jeans I found the ‘pants’ alpha was cut too high for him to look right.
  • The body is very much a ‘muscle man’. I would love to see Tellaq design a more ‘normalised’ avatar, he’s an extremely talented designer and I know it would go far!
  • Expressions, I would love to see this face move!! Even if it were just to smirk at me sexily 😛 hehe!

4 thoughts on “Tellaq – Broderick

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  2. Grumble…Grumble…, OK, Breathe now post…
    Look the Body looks okay, still I think the makers are missing a point by not giving us a normallized bodyinstead we keep getting a complete Avatar. I might be a southern man in the minority here on SL but would like to actually see a fit mesh Body not a Avatar and that something that is not TMP!


  3. I feel like its just way to much muscle for me to aggressive. I have worn this one as well moving between it and TMP and neither have made me want to buy them.


  4. I just bought the Tellaq Broderick and I do like it immensely. However, we are not all techie experts and I am having difficulty understanding how to control the thing!
    All of a sudden i have a beard and I have no idea why. Then the avi looks ok again (why I don’t know) and then the clothes suddenly turn into rags. I have no idea why, Also there is a sort of ghostly outline all around the avi. I don’t know what to do to get rid of it. The I buy a pair of shoes and they flap around with my feet sticking to under the soles and at a completely different angle. I am terrified to go out in it. Also what on earth is a HEAD ONLY avi?? why would I want to be a head floating around sl sims.There is a fitted avatar and a normal avatar. There is a selection 18 I think of body styles. when I click them nothing changes except I go green while whatever it is being applied!!. Please someone some serious help is needed here for the non tech guy. It seems like assumptions are made that everyone knows what the notecard is talking about. They don’t. Someone needs to explain the basics. I won’t go out in this until I know I can control it. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLP!!!!


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