TMP – Men’s Body

Now keep in mind people, I’m not a guy, and men may have very different views on what looks good than I do… but guys, if you get this body, help everyone out and leave a comment with your thoughts ❤ A big thank you to Alphonse from .::ILLI::. for helping me write this review, and thanks to Allan for posing for me in your boxers! Check out Alphonse’s store for some great items for this body.

The Body:

The Details:

Cost –

TMP male options
Designer – The Mesh Project
Includes – Fitmesh Body, hands, feet and fitmesh boxer shorts.
Number of clothing layers: Dependent on body type (Basic has 2, one tattoo and one clothing/Deluxe has 3, two tattoo one clothing)
Skins tones included – 36
Save Slots for Other Skins – Other skins are “installed” into the main HUD, no limit I know of
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 6 slots with Deluxe version only (the only version to come with the alpha HUD)
Save Slots for Appliers – Applier clothing items are “installed” into the main HUD, no limit I know of

The HUD:

meshprojectmalehud (1)

  • The body and skins are well detailed, with 32 shades to choose from (if only they included system layer skins for heads as well)
  • This body is probably one of the LEAST body builder type bodies out there, which is saying something because it’s still quite muscley.
  • The body is sexy, let’s face it… it is a hot body 😛
  • Lots of alpha cuts, which are really needed for this body so it’s great they’re there.
  • You need to buy the Deluxe body to get the Alpha HUD, and trust me, you’ll need that HUD. This body is built with it’s skeleton a bit ‘off’ from the system skeleton, so standard mesh pokes through the neck, arms and butt areas.
  • The body has trouble fitting a lot of standard mesh pants, your butt needs to be basically flat (because the system body one is flat, really).
  • TMP haven’t provided the model for the body to other designers, so fitmesh for this item (aside from fitmesh purchased from TMP themselves) is rare, meaning squeezing into standard mesh is the likely outcome.
  • Clothing layers are available on the Basic and Deluxe bodies, but very little applier clothing is made for TMP…. and I mean very little.

18 thoughts on “TMP – Men’s Body

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  2. You really need to add about ’30’ to your arm length dial on your shapes, and in this one also add to head size – because this guy looks like he has a T-Rex arms problem (… He cannot ‘use his equipment’…) and a shrunken head. 🙂

    It makes the bodies in the reviews look bad when the shapes are deformed in that manner. 🙂
    That said, if this is the ‘least muscle bound’ male body out there, I guess I can understand why I don’t see people using male mesh bodies often. I’m surprised none of the competition has done anything more normal or ‘bishonen’.


  3. I have this Body and have been running around in it for a while.
    Like the previous reviewer says you will need to adapt your shape. Not a major problem as long as you have an eye for proportion!
    It has a lovely smooth, young nubile appearance. It is easy to use and the alpha hud is great, although trying Demos for mesh clothing is a must.
    There are some beautiful skins available for the heads though not enough in my opinion!
    Clothing is limited from ‘the shops” but as I say demo all mesh clothing. Women’s Jeans fit well and let you keep your butt!
    I’d recommend this body for younger looking avis


  4. At $L 5000 & given the problems it has, this body is a little pricey. I highly recommend getting the free version & playing around with that for a while before you decide if you want the Deluxe version. Don’t waste your money on the Starter or Basic versions. – I have the free version for my male alt, & it looks fine as long as you’re not planning to wear anything more than the boxer shorts it comes with.

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  5. i did look into this body and decided not to buy it since you get no option of making anything for it unless you are a know designer with an inworld shop

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  6. I am saving for it, but I don[t think I will get it – 5000L is too high if it does not fit most of the clothes and even if I had all the lindens for it, I would be left with none for clothes that are compatable. Too bad, cause it is a very good looking male body. I love the free body they provide – I hope they lower the price – girls have the maitreya that is a great body at a good price, I wish the guys had the same. Thanks for your review, and all the coments of the people on this page. It helped a lot. ❤


    • TMP Body does fit pretty much any mesh clothing. Alpha Hud is for that reason. Alpha Hud could do with a little tweaking though.


  7. SoulStripper Fearsum

    TMP Men’s Mesh Body Feluxe

    Had this body for a few months and love it. Works great with mesh clothing. The Alpha HUD could do with some tweaking as in making the alpha sections thinner around the waist and hips and maybe halve the alpha sections horizontally and vertically. Would work better with mesh pants when making parts of body alpha.
    Apart from that, I love it.


  8. For $5000 I expect that the customers are allowed to create their own tattoo and clothing layers. To be forced to open an inworld shop to create something is silly. Also not much information on the webpage and in the basic package. At this time not a good idea to buy it.


  9. 5000 for the male version with an alpha hud. 2500 for the female version with the alpha hud. Unfair and stops me from giving them my money.


  10. Thank you for this review. I’ve been walking around for a week now trying to make a decision on this upgrade. The 5000 $L is too pricey if the Hud is not where it needs to be, and the fact that the female version comes with the hud and the male version does not at the 2500 price is too one sided. Thank you for helping me in this decision. LOVE your review.


  11. Don’t buy if you want to use clothing. Fitted mesh for standard avatars won’t fit. Standard sized mesh clothing won’t fit mostly too. Nice swim/sport pants and shirts for the TMP body are available. But even many clothes that are labelled as “TMP friendly” won’t fit.

    Nice body if you want always go naked or in swim pants, for wearing long pants – like jeans or chinos – unusable at this time.


    • thats not true at all, obviously you dont know how to use it, it fits all my mesh clothes i had for my primy body and trust me my shape is huge , not the tmp midget once , i hate when people give false info cuz obviously they don’t know what they talking ABOUT! WTFFF


  12. I have had this for about 5 months, Deluxe, standard non mesh head. I have problems mostly with the back neck area and wearing any kind of a shirt with a collar. the skin pokes through the shirt right at the collar area on the backside, alphas on the hud do not go high enough, shape changing doesn’t help either. I have not found a solution for this as of yet.


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