Women’s Bodies


4 thoughts on “Women’s Bodies

  1. Hi, you seem to be an expert in mesh bodies and outfits and I was just wondering if you could do a video tutorial for those of us who are only just evolving into the mesh body era of sl. I have no idea how the omni hud works for example or how to apply my outfits correctly or little lone how to apply my skin to my mesh body… or my tattoos. If you could create these or point me in the right direction I would much appreciate it.

    Sami Buscaylet
    (Melody Sunset)


      • Hi, Just wondering if you ever made a video? I am also new to the mesh world. I can’t seem to find any other body besides the Maitreya Lara. I purchased it but it doesn’t seem to work with my Meghindo skin. I would love a basics video so I can understand what all the different appliers refer to ( lolas, tango, wowmeh, phatazz) Thanks!


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