ABAR – EBody v6.5

The Body:


 The Details:

Cost – 2500L
Designer – ABAR
Current Reviewed Version: v6.5
Includes – Fitmesh Body, 2 Fitmesh Bras & 1 Panty (with colour HUD), fitmesh feet, rigged feet (flat, mid and high) and hands.

Body Inclusions:

Fitmesh Body – Yes
Mesh Head – No
Hands – Yes (two styles, relaxed and closed)
Feet – Yes (three styles, flat mid and high)
Skins tones included – 12 system layer skins (for your head) and 12 appliers built in to the HUD to match the body

Clothing & Layers:

Number of clothing layers: 3 – Tattoo layer, Underwear layer and Clothes layer.
Save Slots for Other Skins – 12 slots
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 12 slots (for the Ebody, the alpha cut and applier save slots are the same, so for example if you’re wearing an applier top and mesh jeans, and you’re using alpha cuts to make the jeans fit – when you save this to the ‘outfits’ section, it will save both the applier top and the alpha cuts)
Save Slots for Appliers – 12 slots (as above)


Omega – Yes for body/skin/clothing, built in compatibility
Can I use SLink hands/feet with it? – Yes
Can I wear SLink Shoes with it? – Yes, included feet will fit flat, mid and high slink shoes
Compatible mesh heads – Lelutka, LOGO, Slink Visage, Genesis Labs, PUMEC, Eve’olution, Fiore & Rowne

 The HUD:

HUD v6.5 HUD v6.5 2 HUD v6.5 4 HUD v6.5 5

Update notes from previous versions to V6.5:

– “Reset Layers” Button added – this will delete all textures in Tattoo, Underwear and Clothing layers.
– Active buttons are now displayed in green.
– Feet Nails alpha glitches, bug fixed
– Feet Tattoo layer didn’t hide, bug fixed

– Improvements in the shape of the butt, knees and wrist.
– Improvements in the rigging of the hips – now more curvy
– Improvements in the shape and rigging of the elbows.
– Adjustments made so that the skins from Omega Appliers fit better in the toes.

The best bits:
  • Fitting standard fitmesh obviously! It worked really well with the remaining ‘normal’ fitmesh I have in my inventory, which was great. Same applies for standard sizing, it fit really well.
  • The feet are compatible with Slink shoes (flat, mid and high) – which is a HUGE money saver for most!
  • Omega compatibility opens up a world of skin, tattoo and clothing options
  • The Alphas – finally some smaller cuts on the chest! Wearing low cut tops or corsets is much easier with the wide range of cuts on the breasts!
  • The skins included are beautiful (and have a system layer version included for your head) but they *don’t* come with Slink appliers, which makes matching your hands feet (as you’ll see above) very difficult. However, the body now comes with its own hands and feet, so that doesn’t matter really unless you’re set on using Slink!
The worst bits:
  • The body (because of the nature of the design – ie. making it fit standard size fitmesh and mesh clothing) is petite, and much like the system avatar, can’t really be made curvy. That said, it’s almost like a far better shaped system avatar, so if you want to fit standard fitmesh, there really isn’t another way to do it.
  • The ‘clothing’ layer doesn’t stretch across the breasts to give a natural clothing appearance, it dips into the breasts like an underwear layer does, which I thought was a shame. This is mostly disappointing because of the way the breasts are shaped (which is gorgeous) but it makes applier tops look quite unrealistic and almost as if they’re tucked ‘under’ the breasts a little. I really hope they improve this layer, because all over the body is amazing!
  • Not really a ‘worst bit’, but maybe if I put it here they’ll add one…. a skirt layer 😉
Best suited to:

Users who like a petite and/or more standard SL sized body/shape and users who want to buy standard fitmesh rather than specific mesh body fitmesh (ie. like you do with Belleza/Maitreya). Users who are new to mesh bodies, this is a recommendation for you for sure, and users who don’t want to lose their Slink shoe collection!


5 thoughts on “ABAR – EBody v6.5

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  2. That’s not just an invisible pony between the legs of that thing, that’s a whole elephant.
    Is that just the shape used, or can it be fixed?
    (ps: your arms are too short. Notice that you’d not even be able to reach far enough to wipe. 🙂 Fingers should reach to mid-thigh.)


    • The shape that’s used is a modifiable version of my own, however I couldn’t get rid of the thigh gap with muscle/fat/hip width sliders at all, so it appears that’s just part of the design in terms of fitmesh rigging. As for my arms, yes you’re possibly right, good thing my avatar doesn’t ever need to wipe 😀


  3. I tried the demo and had just left my Maitreya hands and feet on. Although the hands didn’t quite match perfectly, (they were a bit big at the wrist), the feet were a perfect match for me and no line. I just used the same skin I had on my hands and feet. It could be a good alternative for those mesh outfits that just don’t quite fit.


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