[BANNED] – Dea

The Body:

Banned  Banned 2

 The Details:

Cost – 1,199L
Designer – [BANNED]
Current Reviewed Version: v1
Includes – Fitmesh Body
Hands/Feet Included? No
Number of clothing layers: 2 – Underwear layer and Clothes layer.
Skins tones included – 6 applier skin colours (no system layers included)
Save Slots for Other Skins – 0 slots
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 0 slots
Save Slots for Appliers – 0 slots


Omega – Yes – Omega Installer (one click and you’re done!) required (available from love’n’lust)
SLink hands/feet – Yes (these are required for this body as it has no hands/feet) – fits Slink XS feet

 The HUD:


The best bits:
  • It’s a gorgeous curvier shape, the butt is gorgeous!
  • Omega compatibility makes skins, underwear and applier clothing easier to find
  • It’s a very simple HUD, so it’s easy to understand (especially for people who are familiar with [BANNED]’s booty, Phat Azz or Lolas and are used to the basic ‘on/off’ applier look of HUDS.
The worst bits:
  • The body doesn’t come with hands/feet, which isn’t such a big deal given the price, which I think is fair (when you take into consideration the cost of purchasing slink hands/feet to go with it)
  • Alphas – the body still has a very limited set of alphas for it, I would love to see an update with more alpha cuts. It can be difficult to wear jeans/short tops with such big cuts.
  • No tattoo layer (although really, with the alpha layer ‘glitching’ issues, wearing two layers is about the most you can get to, so you could put a tattoo on the underwear layer).
  • The skin appliers that come with it are seperate to the main HUD and don’t include system layer skin (for your head) which is a shame.
Best suited to:

Users who like a curvier body, big breasts and a nice big booty!


6 thoughts on “[BANNED] – Dea

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  3. I remember looking at this a while back due to it being, I believe, Mod. Something the more popular is sadly lacking. I wonder, on that same score, if it *might* be possible to put the permissions of at least whether it is Mod on these reviews? While many believe that Rigged/Fitted mesh doesn’t need to be Mod, there is a lot of really fun avatars that can be done using Transparency, Materials, Colors, or even scripting that is just utterly impossible without Mod permissions and I know it is something a few of us at least are actively judging/waiting for/on.


  4. By far the best body on the market , it has been updated with more variations for the alpha system and tattoo layers added to upper and lower body … after demoing every other brand on the market and laughing myself out of my chair….My suggestion for anyone looking into the mesh body is simple…. buy [Banned]


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