Eve Slim and Pulpy (v8.4)

The Body:

eve v21_001 side

The Details:

Cost – 1690L (for starter pack – includes one body, slim or pulpy version) or 3000L for full pack (includes Slim and Pulpy body)

Designer – Absolut Creations

Includes – Starter pack – 1 Fitmesh body, HUD. Full Pack – 2 Fitmesh Bodies (Slim and Pulpy), Shoes, Dress, Underwear, HUD with 3 skins, shape). All bodies include hands/feet.

Number of clothing layers: 3 layers – Tattoo, underwear and clothing

Skins tones included – 6 included

Save Slots for Other Skins – N/A

Alpha HUD Save Slots – 6

Feet included – 4 – 3 heights (flat, med and high) plus one ‘adapter’ foot which enables the user to wear other common shoe types



Omega – Yes, just get the activator from Omega (available from love’n’lust)

SLink hands/feet – The included adapter feet are compatible with most shoes on the market


The HUD:

Eve HUD2   Eve Wardrobe

The best bits:
  • The wardrobe HUD, never scramble for appliers again. You can save applier tops/bottoms etc (yes even Omega ones) in this wardrobe and scroll through to select!
  • You can purchase two body types for one purchase in the full pack (Slim and Pulpy)
  • The breasts don’t ‘square’ off or distort when smaller or larger as much as many bodies do
  • Omega compatible
  • Powerful HUD system with ability to colour all aspects of the body including nails, using RGB panel
  • Fitmesh clothing for Eve is now becoming more widely available and is amazing quality with perfect fit!
  • The body includes one set of hands and four sets of feet
  • The creator regularly releases free fitmesh clothing for this body in store
The worst bits:
  • The Alpha cuts around the pelvis still aren’t overly ‘jean friendly’. The curve of them makes it hard to fit low cut or even normal cut jeans or pants.
  • HUD system isn’t overly user friendly for beginners
  • Most mainstream skin makers are not making appliers for Eve (except those making Omega appliers, which can be used with Eve)
  • The gap inside the armpit (ie. between the side of breast and arm) is unusually wide, which feels odd and can look a little bulky, but that’s a personal preference only.
Best suited to:

More experienced mesh body users, users who participate in role play/fantasy play (the body has a lot of fit mesh clothing for this genre I’ve found), users who wear skins that have Omega Appliers available.


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