G.Inc – Perfect Body

The Body:


The Details:

Cost – 1000L

Designer – G.Inc

Includes – Fitmesh Body, 1 pair relaxed hands, 1 pair of tip-toe feet (plus add-on for slink high feet)

Number of clothing layers: 3 (Tattoo, underwear, clothing)

Skins tones included – HUD offers basic skin colouring options for users.

Save Slots for Other Skins – N/A



Omega – Yes, already installed!! Just hit the applier!

SLink hands/feet – Yes, good fit (plus included tip-toe feet can be used for Slink Mid shoes – high feet add on can be used to wear Slink High shoes)


The HUD:

HUD 2       hud 1

The best bits:
  • Completely Omega compatible, right down to the nails!
  • Straight forward HUD system with colour selections/RGB  colouring options for hands, feet, nails, nipples and skin
  • Feet are compatible with Slink shoes (normal feet = fit slink mid, high add-on = fit slink high)
  • (in my opinion) replaces the need for phat azz etc because of the gorgeous leg sculpting/thigh sculpting with wide hips
  • Breasts are large and luscious (a bit too large for me personally, but I like smaller breasts).
The worst bits:
  • Some knowledge of editing/windlights/objects required to use the body
  • The body shows odd shading in certain windlights (which can be fixed for your view by changing your WL Settings, however as with most items in SL, you can’t control how others will see you)
  • The body doesn’t have many alpha cuts (having said that though, the body is better suited to applier clothing than mesh in my opinion, but does fit normal mesh clothing quite well at ‘standard’ sizing)
  • Body isn’t as ‘smooth’ as many of the newer models – which can be a pro and a con, depending on how ‘realistically bumpy’ you may want your avi to look.
Best suited to:

Experienced users; users who like the Phat Azz/Perfect Bum look of hips/legs; users who like a curvy figure.


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