Maitreya – Lara v3.4

The Body:

Maitreya v3.4

The Details:

Cost – 2750L
Designer – Maitreya
Current Reviewed Version: v3.4
Includes – 1 Fitmesh and 1 applier pair of underwear with HUD, Fitmesh Body, 1 set of hands, pair of feet with three heights

Body Inclusions:

Fitmesh Body – Yes
Mesh Head – No
Hands – Yes (one pose)
Feet – Yes (three styles, flat mid and high)
Skins tones included – 10 body tones made by Glam Affair

Clothing & Layers:

Number of clothing layers: 3 – Tattoo layer, Underwear layer and Clothes layer.
Save Slots for Other Skins – 5 slots
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 10 slots
Save Slots for Appliers – 5 slots


Omega – Yes for body/skin/clothing, must have the Omega Relay Hud open when applying Omega appliers (available from love’n’lust)
Can I use SLink hands/feet with it? – Yes
Can I wear SLink Shoes with it? – No (unless you’re wearing SLink hands/feet of course)
Compatible mesh heads – Lelutka, LOGO, Slink Visage, Genesis Labs, PUMEC, Eve’olution, Fiore & Rowne

The HUD:

Maitreya HUD 3 - v3.4 Maitreya HUD 2 - v3.4Maitreya HUD - v3.4 

Update notes from previous versions:

New version is v3.4 – minor update to fix socks/gloves ‘sticking’ issue

Last major update was Version 3.0, notes:

  • HUD minimized state smaller
  • Materials enabled with adjustable shine level
  • Long nails made longer
  • Shoulders smoothened
  • Nipple colors more muted
  • Extra alpha options
  • Save slots for alpha
  • Save slots for layers
  • All layers off button added
  • Improved normals on neck
  • Alpha Auto Hiding function implemented
The best bits:
  • The body is gorgeous – teardrop breasts that look amazing big or small, and a gorgeous round ass
  • The 3 layers (tattoo/underwear and clothing) don’t glitch, meaning you can wear all three at once without clothing disappearing!
  • SLink feet compatibility means you won’t lose your shoe collection
  • Omega compatibility opens up a world of skin, tattoo and clothing options
  • The fingernails are individually mapped – which means, each nail can have a different colour/style on it! Check out THESE from AviCandy for example!!!
  • The modelling of the body is close to the standard SL skeleton, which makes it easier to wear normal mesh clothing (with the help of the alphas of course)
  • The Alphas – the pieces over the breasts make wearing low cut tops a dream, and wearing low cut mesh pants is so much easier.
The worst bits:
  • The alphas are great
  • The neck fix option still leaves a visible seam (though it is much better than others)
  • The skin tones don’t seem to perfectly match my Glam Affair skins, but that’s just being picky really
  • The wrist bones – Now this is a personal thing, but the ‘bumps’ on the wrists, although biologically accurate, detract from the smoothness of the hands I feel
  • Hands include only one pose/style of hand
Best suited to:

Users who like a petite body (although I have seen some awesomely curvy shapes with this body), a good body for new users because of the simple way the HUD is set out and definitely a good body for lovers of Glam Affair skins, they look stunning! Also, if you’re a LeLutka Mesh Head fan, this is the body to get, hands down!


35 thoughts on “Maitreya – Lara v3.4

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  2. I think this is the best of the Mesh bodies.. but this is me.. I done demos of all of them.. i love this body, but! an this is me also.. would have been nice to have , had a notecard on the tattoo and clothing options and Omega Relay Hud , I am new to wearing Mesh bodies.. but I have not taken it off since i bought it..!!!!!!! soo in love with it.. neck fits great, hands fit great and skin matches to my WOW skin great! thanks!!! MAITREYA!!!

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  3. Thank you for mentioning the relay hud….I had no idea how to use omega appliers and couldn’t find any info on it for the Maitreya body. I have the wowmeh and TMP bodies, but the ease of use (hud) and the overall look of Maitreya to me is preferable by far. I absolutely hate TMP’s hud system and their shop is a living nightmare. I invested a lot of money on their body and head….and sorely regret it. Another advantage to Maitreya is the ability to fine tune a skin colour in the hud, which was a dream come true for me to match my favourite mesh head. Geat layout on your review!

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    • Thank you so much for your feedback Zy 🙂 It’s always great to know if I’m including the right kinds of information to make my blog as useful for people as I can ❤
      You're right about Maitreya, it's a gorgeous body and I'm in love with it – it's user friendly and intuitive (now if they'd just put an Omega listener into the body so we didn't have to have the relay open all the time, it would be even MORE intuitive!!). Glad you found the right body for you!!


    • Totally agree with you Zy…i tried TMP first and wasted a ton of money, just like you…spent thousands of lindens on their head and body..and its a nightmare to configure..and having to buy every damned item separately aghh..and yes their shop is a bloody nightmare…so hard to locate things..hard to move around in..and i still have 2500 currency there that i tried to use but when i went to buy something it asked for more lindens!!

      Anyway i now have the lovely Lara Maitreya mesh body and have found appliers at my fav skin shop (Dream Ink) to match all the tones i already no neck glitches at all..perfect colour match..and dressing is a dream with the easy to use alpha hud…

      so now looking for places to buy clothes and shoes compatible with far N-Core for shoes..altho their range has depleted a lot..but they fit nicely and the colour huds that come with most of the shoes mean you can have a full range of colours.and they are cheap (in comparison to what shoes USED to be in SL..i remember spending 4K on a pair at one of the stores..cant remember the name but after a while half the bits of the shoes would dissapear from inventory so they became unwearable…anyway N-Core and Blueberrys for clothes..and Maitreya of looking for lingerie (smiles)


  4. Hey Ray! From what I’ve experimented with, Lara can be made plus size with the usual sliders, however it really depends on how curvy you want to be. If you’re looking for extreme curves, or for smoother ‘plumper’ looks, the Eve Pulpy body is great for that 🙂


  5. This is my favorite mesh body, with physique a close 2nd, and Lena a distant 3rd. And I agree with the last comment, I personally have tried going plus size on my maitreya and it looks just as gorgeous. But for more extreme curves I’d recommend Lena

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  6. i wish i could get my clothes to fit on the maitreya body….i have the relay hud up and open when i got to dress myself with omega clothing the hud pops up ask me where i would like to apply it and click top and it says thats its trying to apply to the body but nothing shows up….can i get a lil help here on what i should do


    • Hey Anisha 🙂 Double check in the ‘layers’ tab of your Maitreya that you have the clothing layer active (it might be applying it but you can’t see it because the clothing layers aren’t turned on). ❤ Daria


  7. My Lara V 3.0 Hud is not working for me and I even tried the 2.0 just to see was it just the V 3.0 and still my hud doesn’t work. When I use to click it then it would immediately open up and now it does nothing. I have had on the same outfit for 3 days because I can’t get my hud to work. Any suggestions?

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    • That’s a really strange one 😦 I would get a redelivery and delete the existing copy. Sometimes I’ve found my HUD gets ‘stuck’ (I can’t take it off or use it) and I always get a redelivery when that happens (the new HUD always works okay). Try that perhaps? ❤ Daria


  8. In version 2.1 of this mesh body I was able to apply a texture to the hands that was halfway transparent – thus ending the hand at the wrist.
    – perfect for use with a furry avatar.
    Ever since the 3.0 update, trying to do this fails. If you apply a transparent texture, it just shows up as the color white. If you apply a partly transparent, it ignores the transparency and is solid.

    Something changes in how it handles alpha mode on the hand texture…

    This means my one alt that I was lucky to think to buy this before the 3.0 upgrade, is good to go. But for my own furry form – I still have no mesh body options I can go for, as this trick does not work for slink either, and I have yet to find any mesh hands that are both MOD and which fit to ‘XS’ joints (Lena has a mod one that fits to S, which would work for Belleza, but Belleza doesn’t have good leg cuts for furry legs…).


      • Sadly that does not fix the issue.
        The issue I have is that before I could apply a texture that was a tga that had a section cut out with an alpha-channel. Now, the applier no longer recognizes textures that have alpha channels.
        Try applying the default transparency in your library, UUID: 8dcd4a48-2d37-4909-9f78-f7a9eb4ef903
        – as a skin. It will show up as solid white. Before, it would make you invisible.
        This meant that before you could add your own ‘alpha cuts’ if you made your own skin – but making the skin itself partly transparent.

        That ended when 3.0 came out.


      • Interesting! Could it be perhaps because of the new ‘auto-alpha’ system? and if so, there is a free developer kit for ‘auto alpha’ at Maitreya now that could be used instead?


  9. Hi Daria,

    I am currently contemplating getting the Lara body. A quick question: If I save an outfit, does the body save the alphas I am activating via the hud, or would I need to activate them every time I wear the outfit?

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for an amazing blog!


    • Hey Gano!! Aww thank you ❤ When you save an outfit the body alphas don't automatically save BUT there are 'save slots' for alpha combinations (ie. you typically use the same alphas each time you wear jeans, so you might save slot 1 as the alphas required for jeans). Plus recently Maireya has released an 'auto alpha' system, so with any luck designers will start including that (auto alpha automatically hides the part of your body that it needs to each time you wear it). Get the Lara body, it's a great body, I love it ❤


  10. I love this body. I’ve tried Sink, Venus, and this one (Maitreya) so far. This is why I keep coming back to Maitreya. First of all, I’ve always worn a LAQ skin, and LAQ has an applier that solves the ever annoying neck problem. Also, for some reason, appliers (Maitreya or Omega) just seem to work well on this body. I had more trouble getting Venus to cooperate. I haven’t worked with adding Slink feet because I’ve been really happy with Maitreya’s shoes. (I always have been, even years ago). The Slink skin didn’t have enough texture for me (even with LAQ applier). I really do like Venus. I just have too many problems wearing what I want, when I want, without getting frustrated. So, yes, I highly recommend Maitreya’s Lara. 🙂


  11. Hello. Since one week I have the Lara body. In your ‘best bits’ list you mention that ‘the alpha’s – the pieces over the breasts make wearing low cut tops a dream’.
    However, I am having trouble with that. When I put on a mesh top or dress (without appliers) with low cut (I have several variaties) there is always somewhere a glitch of the alpha peeking out. The same goes for a strapless straight line top. This means I cannot wear the top/dress at all. I am talking about a normal S or M sized mesh top/dress or fitmesh top/dress. So not specialy designed for Maitreya Lara body. Am I doing something wrong or is this a fact I have to live with? Thank you in advance for your answer. Kind regards, Zia Branner


    • Hi Zia 🙂 I know it can be tricky when trying to use standard fitmesh with a mesh body, there never seem to be enough alpha cuts around the breast area 😦 Much of this will depend on your size – have you tried adjusting your shape to make the breasts smaller or higher/lower? Fitmesh for standard avatars will always cause issues with mesh bodies I’m afraid, because it will always be fitting the hidden system body beneath your mesh one, so will rarely work, but standard non-fitted mesh should work if you adjust your shape. ❤


      • Hi Daria,
        It is a bit of work, but for every outfit I like to wear I adjust my shape and save the shape in the same folder the clothes are in. So almost any regular mesh outfit I am able to wear. I make breasts smaller (or bigger), with more gravity, etc. etc. Works very well! Thanks for your advice!


    • Hi Nina 🙂 You can modify the height and size of the body for sure. It’s fitmesh, so it responds to all of your normal sliders 🙂 Slink shoes won’t work with Maitreya feet I’m afraid, but you can use your slink feet with the maitreya body and make them fit that way for sure! The body has 10 skin tones built in, but you can buy appliers for others too! ❤


  12. I love love love the Lara mesh body! At first I tried Glam skin but was not happy with that particular skin. It was way too light for my taste and the next one was too dark and orange. I found an amazing skin at League that you can get an appliar for that makes it perfect. Plus the appliar allows you different options for breast cleavage as well as blurred nipples. Which allows you to wear lace tops with no worry of your nips showing and no alpha conflict with a clothing appliar. Hands down Maitreya mesh body is the best, the hud makes it extremely user friendly and more and more designers are creating to fit all mesh bodies. I don’t even use my slink feet anymore. I love being able to dress without having to worry about extra parts… Hands and feet etc… The foot options on the hud makes it absolutely the best easiest! Well done Maitreya!!! I highly recommend Maitreyas Lara!


  13. Has anyone had any issues with layers glitching? Like, the texture being all broken up? I’m having this issue and can’t find any information on it or any fixes.

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  14. This is one of the best bodies in SL at the moment, but for me it was a big disappointment 😦 I guess I was so in love with the Maitreya clothes that I had very high expectations. First of all, since someone was asking, you CAN make a normal size(as in not anorexic) shape with it, even a curvier one, but if you go beyond that, the body looks very distorted and a weird bulge will show up on the side of your thighs, this body was clearly made for skinny shapes. So no, my dream to have a curvy/chubby body was not fulfilled with Lara, and it’s my fault for rushing to buy it without testing it properly, I just trusted it will make all my dreams come true, which was foolish of my part. Event though you can use all sliders and adjust the system shape, the body is not designed to be bigger.
    The second and most important reason I was disappointed are the layers! Yeah you have 3 layers, but if you want to wear something on each, then good luck! Either they will alpha one another, or just put a white texture all over your body. But wait! You can use the mask mode feature, which will fix everything and you can see all your layers in their place; but that’s just until you teleport to another sim and everything is screwed up again and friends ask you why do you have blank white skin?
    I’m currently saving up for Belleza’s Freya, I just fell in love with those curves, and this time I won’t rush anymore 🙂


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