Slink Physique (v2.2)

The Body:

5_003 2_003

The Details:

Cost – 1250L (plus the cost of hands/ feet if you don’t have them already, the body doesn’t come with them)

Designer – Slink

Includes – Fitmesh body (no hands/feet – for use with slink hands/feet), 6 skins built in, Applier with underwear (3 colours), fitmesh dress.

Number of clothing layers: 3 – Tattoo layer, Underwear layer and Clothes layer.

Skins tones included – 6 including system layer skins for head and applier with the colours for body.

Save Slots for Other Skins – N/A

Alpha HUD Save Slots – 8

Feet included – None



Omega – Not Omega compatible.

SLink hands/feet – Yes.


The HUD:


The best bits:
  • Seamless fit to Slink hands and feet (as you would expect)
  • Ability to wear asymmetical outfits (ie. one sleeved shirts) because arms are not mirrored (like sl and many mesh body’s arms are)
  • Panties layer is a shorter layer (panty size) so reduces glitching when wearing panties and pants layer at the same time
  • Applier clothing and even fitmesh clothing becoming more widely available
  • You can keep your slink shoe collection!
  • Body in the new version is far more shapely
  • I had far less issues with this body actually showing in world – It loads fast for both me and those around me.
  • 8 Alpha save slots! Saves a lot of time (if you can remember which is which)
The worst bits:
  • Needs more alpha cuts, particularly around the breast area
  • The body isn’t as svelte as the others, but is still slender and shapely
  • Breasts aren’t as smoothly shaped and become squarish when made large
  • Difficult to have a ‘curvier’ or ‘fuller’ shape as the body is quite petite
Best suited to:

Slink lovers; users who are new to mesh bodies and users who like an athletic build. Also very well suited to those who want performance (ie. less glitching issues and less ‘floating head syndrome’ from the body not rezzing) over other features other bodies may offer.


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