The Mesh Project – TMP

Note – due to the complexity of this body, the review is structured a little differently. Don’t be put off by the fact the ‘worst bits’ looks like it’s a long list – it’s not, it’s merely me trying to explain my thoughts πŸ™‚

The Body:

2Β Β 1a

The Details:

TMP offers a range of ‘packages’ for their mesh body, so instead of detailing them all, I’m going to include the information from their store board:


***Note – the Deluxe model states ’20’ hand poses. There are only 10 handposes, it’s just that with the deluxe body you can have different poses on each hand (they count this as 20), as opposed to the other bodies, where the right and left hand must always have the same pose.

Designer – The Mesh Project (TheShops!)



Omega –Β No

SLink hands/feet – No


The HUD:

TMP requires the use of three mainΒ HUDS – StyleMode (which is the primary clothing/skin/style HUD), a seperate Alpha HUD (if the body bought has one) and another HUD for purchasing content from the TheShops. Below on the left is the Alpha HUD that comes with the Deluxe Body, to the right is a screenshot of the ‘Stylemode’ HUD in action.

AlphaHUD StyleMode

The best bits:
  • Breasts – these are the best breasts I’ve seen so far for keeping their gorgeous shape when large and when smaller
  • Butt – it definitely has a bubble butt, looks amazing
  • The ‘visual’ style wardrobe that Stylemode offers is handy, although it’s very overdone (to the point of being too complicated)
  • Alpha options were good and there were enough of them I felt for most items.
  • The skin inclusions are great, as are the ‘cleavage’ and shading options that come with them. The quality is amazing.
  • The fitmesh items sold by TheBoutique are a perfect fit and wonderfully textured
  • The neck – I didn’t have any issues at all with neck seams or other issues, the body worked perfectly ‘out of the box’ for me, which I thought was incredible.
The worst bits:
  • I’m just going to say it – the ‘girlie bits’. There is something squarish and flat about it that really bugs me. A woman’s ‘lady garden’ is rounded, soft… not totally flat on the front of her. So yeah, I really didn’t like that part πŸ˜›
  • The feet… I really didn’t like the shape of the feet, they felt quite squarish, which was disappointing because the other areas of the body are just amazing
  • Because of the way the body is designed, using ‘normal’ mesh on these bodies is very hard. The skeleton for this body is further down and backward than the SL skeleton, so sometimes mesh will fit the front but not the back, meaning you had to wear a size that was probably too big just to cover enough of the body to be effective with the alphas.
  • The system (from purchase to every day use) is painful. Having to use the ‘Shopping HUD’ and ‘Stylemode’ everytime I wanted to go shopping at their stores was annoying. The HUDS take up your whole screen, and overlap each other making it hard to use them (and almost impossible to cam around the store). To buy their fitted mesh items, you have to ‘unlock’ the mesh that item refers to, then pay anywhere from 250L up just to buy a texture to put on that mesh… argh!
  • Pricing – it’s expensive, plain and simple. Because of their use of an external server to manage clothing and get around LL’s TOS, you need to exchange linden for their ‘shopping’ dollars, however you can’t do this in less than 100L increments. Meaning, if I want to buy a 275L texture for the shorts mesh item (which I did), I would have to buy 300 dollars worth of ‘shops’ dollars – leaving me with an extra balance of 25L that I can’t change back to linden. Now you may say, why use their clothing? The reason is simple – there’s not much other mesh clothing for the body around (if any at all), so you’re stuck with applier clothing, which I don’t hate…. but designers need to be accepted by TMP before being able to design clothing for their mesh bodies, and it’s not Omega compatible…. so choices, I’m afraid, are limited.
  • Feet are totally incompatible with Slink or other brands of shoes.
Best suited to:

This is a hard one. The body is great, and if you have the money to buy their items (or are happy to use mostly applier clothing) I think it might suit you. It’s more complicated than other bodies, but having said that the resulting look really is worth it… The curves you can achieve with this body are elegant and natural, so if you like curves, it’s a good choice.


27 thoughts on “The Mesh Project – TMP

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  2. Nice revue, thanks for it.
    Last year i bought also the mesh-body from TMP. I love it mostly, it’s beautiful made, and i love the most of it.
    Like you mentioned, the hud, the shop and buy i simple item can be a bit complicated. Some like maybe this system, but i would prefer i simpler shop, maybe without shopping-hud and all.
    And yes, it’s expensif, first the body (i have the basic one at 2500L$). I like that hands and feets fits perfectly, but i’m bit sad looking at my slink-feet, my shoes i can’t wear with it. Maybe one time will coming…. hope…

    The stiling-hud is also a bit a pain. The system itself seems fine, but if you own more and more clothes, it become realy complicate to make your choice, dress you up in short time.
    Hoping the will found a better solution maybe in the futur, after all it’s still the mesh-body i prefer in this moment, the most beautiful at my eyes.


    • Thank you for your feedback Vattende! I totally agree, the body is absolutely stunning! Unfortunately because of the nature of TMP’s server and the design of the body, it’s highly unlikely that the body will ever become slink compatible or the shopping process any easier. The purchase process is so difficult because they require the change over of linden to their ‘TMP’ money…. but we can only hope! ❀


  3. I’m totally in love with my TMP body, I have the 5000 one and I’m very happy with it. Once you are used to the pay system, the stylemode etc it works [for me] perfect. I tried demo’s of all the other mesh bodies but this one looked [in my eyes] the best. And because of the alpha layer hud I can wear a lot of normal mesh clothing. So, overal I LOVE it πŸ™‚


  4. I have the 5000 TMP Body and just crazy about!! At first it took me some time to find who sold TMP clothes. And as the months went by more stores began to support the appliers for TMP. The skin I have is a good match and sometime I do put on my Slink feet, but only if I wear long pants. And If I wear a dress I have to wear thigh high boots. My skin is off just a tad. Either Im too light or too dark. Its not really all that noticeable but I can see it and It can get irritating sometime but I jus find something else to put on. ON that note … will you consider supporting the Omega Appliers?? Im a heavy shopper lol. And there so many outfits to the Omega to wear I want to get. I don’t want to purchase another fitted mesh body just so I can have that particular outfit.


    • Hi Aminah! My blog is just that (a blog/review site) but I recommend you ask your questions about TMP to livehelp resident in world πŸ™‚ Unfortunately TMP has declined to allow Omega appliers to work with their bodies, and I don’t think that’s likely to change unfortunately. Other designers are limited in what they can create for TMP because of restrictions in place by TMP themselves, but hopefully TMP will share the necessary information with other creators at some point! ❀ Daria


  5. I love the TMP body as a curvy avatar, but I find organizing the clothing almost impossible. Being a clothing hound I have so many clothes in the hud and it takes forever to find what I want so another “worst bit” is the inability to organize clothing in the hud or in inventory since you delete the applier once added to the hud. The system is too complicated. I have tried Maitreya and dont like the body type as well but it is a breeze to organize clothing


  6. I just got the deluxe body and I got a mesh head, my avatar looks wonderful, however, there is one place the skin won’t come back after I take off my dress, otherwise I love this…I need more clothes from them tho because I can’t get my other stuff to fit with the hud, I click on the on and off and nothing happens.


    • The missing skin piece is likely either residual clothing item your not aware of (so Unstyle every category in Styler)… or you have that body section selected in the Alpha HUD (so clear them all if any are selected).


      • Hmm do they see a white mask or do they see a white circle? If they don’t have hardware skinning enabled or if they are slow to load, they’ll see the TMP white circle (which if you zoom inside your head is sitting there all the time hehe) ❀️


  7. Hello everyone. I got just a deluxe body and I am pleased with it… beside that really ugly feet , which dont look like at the posters and pics at all. Tried ofc to attach my slink feet.. but as I read now above there is no chance. Its a shame. Also I agree to the clothing hud.. as soon you get more outfits, it takes you ages to find what you want, didnt expect this all for 5000 ld !! Kind regards to all, Elfie wingtips.


  8. I love love love my TMP body. My only issue is the feet. TMP feet are thick and stubby (can you say cankles?) and no amount of adjusting using the SL shape editor can fix that.

    Whatever reason TMP chooses not to allow Slink feet compatibility (converting Slink money to TMP money? do people actually buy that excuse? ;p ), there has to be some sort of middle ground. For example, has TMP thought of making a universal foot shape? That way, regardless of the brand of mesh body a person buys, the shoes fit. Other mesh body vendors would have jump on TMP’s bandwagon, I’m sure. I’m also sure every shoe designer out there would love to simplify their assembly lines.

    It’d be an all around win, and then the TMP body would be even that much more perfect. πŸ˜‰

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  9. Hello all :-), after following the tip with resizing feet in edit shape window.. (facepalms as it was such easy ;P) I am very happy with the tmp mesh body.
    Just would love to find more clothing..which are not just clothing layers ^^….and I would love sooooo very much.. if the alpha hud would be more
    cutted in smaller parts.. some tmp clothing dont fit right at backside of the legs as example, would just need smaller parts to choose .
    Wish a nice day, Elfie Wingtips.


  10. I have the TMP body and i love it. In the part about not being able to find clothing that fit….I use MP to purchase all my TMP clothing. So i dont have to always go to The Shops to buy items. For me that place is Lag Fest. Also the Feet…Yes you have to have TMP to wear open toe shoes/heels…but if u wear say Thigh High Boots that are Slink or reg Mesh just detach the feet and alpha out what needs to be and looks great.


    • Ya you deff can’t run Styler in crowded or byte heavy room. I thought Styler was extremely slow (it is .. needs a makeover bad) but it’s performance is tied into your viewer’s frame rate. When I’m at 30 FPS or better it’s relatively quik. I understand the logic of TMP better now … only use Styler for items like tattoos, hose, underwear, bikinis, and bras … skin tite items in other words. Styler clothing of course exists but it is skin tite and looks painted on. Luckily there’s alot of nice TMP fitted mesh items out there now that fit great and don’t require much if any alpha body masking. When I upgraded from Basic to Deluxe (late June), the person I talked to said they were working on major upgrade. I hope so … also hope they get it good enough to get out of Beta in my lifetime, so that then they will release the personal dev kits.


  11. I have the TMP body and was just wondering if someone can tell me if it is possible to hide the nipples? They stick outside of them comes out of most my tops lol


  12. Got a TMP.. absolutely in love with it.. Find it uncomplicated after buying a SLink one.. Plus with all the alpha’s the majority of my old clothes can be worn with the mesh body… Went for the whole thing, head/face/body.. more than happy with my newfound curves πŸ˜‰ ❀


  13. I absolutely love my mesh but the only problem that I do have is when I am putting on clothes. my high waisted pants wont allow for me to wear a shirt. I love high waisted and most of my clothing is but I cant wear them because I cant wear a shirt. Please help.


  14. I own the most expensive TMP version with all the features. Aside from being the best looking mesh body, I can never wear the body!! The cons – seriously overpriced ripoff compare to other mesh bodies, lack of alpha slices (despite there being talks of an update whenever that is), Lack of quality mesh clothing, and stupid exclusive creator’s signup system for TMP to where not anyone can easily create content for the body. At the moment, there only a small handful of actual mesh clothes, the rest are clothing texture appliers that does a huge disservice to this gorgeous body making your avatar dressed up as if it were SL 2006 again.

    Right now, I’m loving my Maitreya Lara body. IMO, it comes the closest to looking like TMP but with more mesh clothing options on marketplace. I might look into Ebody too, because it’s all about mesh clothes and custom alpha/alpha slices that will win me over on being a loyal supporter/creator.


  15. The Alpha HUD continues to jam. No matter what I try it jams and makes the MESH DELUXE body worthless. I have to delete everything, and then go back to the store and start all over. What a HUGE pain. And what is worse, is TMP is not very customer friendly.


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