Tonic – Natural Beauty Mesh Body

The Body:


 The Details:

Cost – 1750L
Designer – Tonic
Current Reviewed Version: v1.02
Modify? – No
Includes – Fitmesh Body, 3 foot options (flat, mid and high)
Number of clothing layers: 3 – Tattoo layer, Underwear layer and Clothes layer (hands have 3 layers, feet have 2)
Skins tones included – 10 appliers built in to the HUD to match the body (and RGB hud)
Save Slots for Other Skins – 0
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 0
Save Slots for Appliers – 2 styles of ‘outfit’ savers are included (a single saver and a four outfit saver). You can save your applied outfit to these and make more copies as needed.


Omega – Yes for body/skin/clothing, built in compatibility
SLink hands/feet – No, but feet are compatible with slink shoes (flat, mid and high)

 The HUD:


The best bits:
  • Omega compatibility out of the box – no relays or installations. This opens up a world of skin, tattoo and clothing options
  • Slink compatibility – I love that these feet (all three types come with the body) fit slink shows for flat, mid and high. Great for those who may have invested a lot in slink shoes!
  • The shape of the body is great, I love how smooth it is, whilst still keeping the thighs, hips and breasts shapely.
  • The HUD comes with 5 neck sizes, which I found really helpful when playing with various shapes and mesh heads, it really helped get a good fit.
  • The nipples! Whilst not really my personal ‘thing’, the four nipple shapes (and the ability to use tango appliers from skins) is a great feature for nipple lovers. The four shapes are great.
The worst bits:
  • The body (because of the nature of the design – ie. having big breasts) makes wearing mesh clothing a little difficult, however I found slink physique sized pants/skirts fit quite well. For the top however, because of the breast size, I think appliers will be the way to go (unless specific fitmesh clothing is made at some point).
  • The body really needs some alpha cuts (I feel like I say this with every body at some stage though). Particularly on the sides and on the breasts, the alphas are a little basic, which makes trying to squeeze the body into a mesh shirt a little difficult.
  • The groin – to be honest here really isn’t much of one, which is a shame (most bodies have some vague shaping there at least). I would have liked something a little less barbie-doll looking.
Neither here nor there:
  • I created a new category because I have mixed feelings about the nails – I dislike that they’re not ‘built into’ the hands, but at the same time I know there are major nail lovers out there who would go nuts if they could make/add their own nails to their hands rather than be stuck with what the hand gives them…. so depending on the availability of the ‘hand’ model and if creators will be able to make their own nail shapes for the hands…. I’m going to put this one in this category hehe.
Best suited to:

Users who love big breasts, basically. This body gives you the ability to have gorgeously shaped big breasts with all the other benefits of a mesh body.


15 thoughts on “Tonic – Natural Beauty Mesh Body

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    • The body as provided is not Modify per-se, which means you can’t take it apart for example, or add anything to it. That doesn’t mean you can’t “break it” however, by removing the scripts.

      I’d like to hear how important a “kill scripts” feature is for a mesh body. Design wise, I chose to not allow that because of the amount of customer confusion. “Why won’t appliers work anymore” and so forth.

      I did work super hard to make the scripts light weight and as low lag as is possible, both for the body and the HUD, so in theory removing scripts shouldn’t really be needed.


  3. The demo is version 1.02. Is the full product 1.2, and if so in the 1.2… has the ribcage been fixed? In the 1.02 demo I notice that the ribcage gets wider as you dial up the bosom size, and it also moved with the bosom with you use avatar physics – both of these end up looking extremely strange.


    • Hi Tenyari – thanks for pointing that out to me, I’d left out the extra 0! I can’t say I noticed too much of an issue with the ribcage, although the physics I use to test with is quite subtle. Good to hear your thoughts though!


    • The body is also 1.02, so that “1.2” is a typo. Regarding the ribcage – part of my design to keep the breasts looking natural as you grow them was to expand that area a bit as the breasts expand. Keeps them from “hanging out in the air” like the Maitreya breasts, for example. Not everyone will like that design choice I’m sure, but isn’t it great that there are so many mesh body choices available these days 🙂


  4. From a man’s point of view… My wife has been trying different demo’s and I love both the modeling and test sessions (more on that in a moment). Personally, I find the breasts to be just a bit large but I think I could get used to it (laughs… just kidding), and the nipples are fantastic, not as high and far more natural than most. Great “peaches” in the rear too 🙂 Overall I thought it the most natural and sexy body of all she has demo’d. BUT, now about testing. We went through an entire menu of sexual positions on one bed, and most were badly broken. Some had her face inside the bed, others had her legs scissored together and sticking through my body. Several seemed to work more smoothly, but there was just a stiff mannequin-like quality to most and again, several broken to the point of being comical. Has anyone else experienced this? My only other comment is Mesh-wide I think… I hope Mesh bodies and RLV merge technology at some point. I am going to terribly miss being able to change my wife’s clothes through a full wardrobe, strip her when the timing is right… This is a gift we share with each other and will be sorely missed. I know there are workarounds, but a long way from being easy… Thank you for any comments back!


    • I need to follow up on this. After a great rapid reply direct to my wife (thanks Fizz!) we tested again and everything was perfect. I don’t know if some kind of SL/LL acting up the night before or not, but I owe an apology for the broken poses review. SO, not only a beautiful body, but great service 🙂 Just moved to a 5 star rating!


  5. Boobs to big, can’t use fitted mesh clothes, allways poking out without alpha’s. Fitted mesh is made to follow shape.
    Should better fix body and let customers user there shape to have big boobs. Otherwise great body.
    Only the boobs problem keeps me away from buying it


    • As indicated in the review, this meshbody is precisely designed with wider breast than the SL default avie therefore most rigged mesh top can not fit. It makes sense.
      Also, as indicated in the review, mesh tops designed for SLink physique work on this meshbody. Try some L size fitmesh tops on it and you’ll see on your own. Then the only remaining “issue” is the same as with all meshbodies : never enough alpha cuts to fit with all the original mesh clothing cuts.

      Since fitmesh bodies appeared on SL, I was so waiting for a fitmesh body with a natural shape for big breast and this meshbody is perfect for that. While I would love more alpha cuts (or even to be able to add custom alphas?), I like how this fitmesh body is easily compatible with many mesh clothings.


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