Women’s Mesh Heads


7 thoughts on “Women’s Mesh Heads

    • TheMeshProject heads had an update a while ago it gave the opportunity to remove/hide the neck blend. If you use the neckblend from the Maitreya body you are able to use TheMeshProject head with the Maitreya body.


  1. Hey Taznia – I see you found my ‘work in progress’ page! Mesh Heads for me are still very much an ‘up in the air’ concept. Many designers are making them for their own skin lines (for example The Sugar Garden, Genesis Labs) or for their own mesh bodies (TMP and Slink) at this stage, which means if you’re working with other Mesh Bodies it’s hit and miss to find a head that will match your skin tone, and line up with the body.

    It is a growing market though, and I’m in the process of collating information about Mesh Heads that are available (which will be on this page). Judging by the small glimpse I can see of you in your little wordpress picture, I would say to go and check out Genesis Labs, see how they look and fit. I know they have some free heads there at the moment too which is great 🙂

    ❤ Daria


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