Mesh Bodies 101: Mesh Bodies for Beginners

So last night I was wandering around the Maitreya store when I was approached by a girl who wanted to buy the mesh body, but wasn’t sure how to wear or use it. It occured to me that for many people, the mesh body topic is very daunting (hell, it was for me to start with), so I thought I’d write a really basic picture-tutorial on how to use the Maitreya Mesh Body. Most mesh bodies are similar, but if you’ve got one in particular that you’re struggling with, let me know and I’ll write one for that too ❤ So here we go!

Step One: Unpack the bag/box of the body you’ve bought


 “Wait, are those blocks or feet?”

Step Two: Add the full body alpha that is included with the body


 “I think I lost weight…”

Step Three: Add the body, plus hands, feet and HUD



Step Four: Adjust your shape if you wish to. You can use your own shape (mesh body does not cover head, only neck down) and you can still use your normal body sliders to edit the shape if you like (for fitmesh bodies):


 “Yes, you can still make them really, really big!”

Step Five: Add the HUD for any applier clothing you wish to use and apply it (Maitreya will prompt you and ask which layer to put it on, I’ve chosen underwear layer because it’s underwear). Other bodies (like Belleza) the HUD will include options for each layer, so just choose the applicable one.

Not seeing the clothes even though you’ve applied them? Make sure the layer is set to visible on your Maitreya HUD. In my case, you can see the shirt and pants are active because they’re coloured in white at the bottom of the HUD. Make sure the appropriate layer is active! If it isn’t, just click it to make it active.


Step Six: Want to use clothing that has Omega Appliers? Go to LovenLust, join their free group then walk upstairs in the big building to buy the Omega kit applicable to your body (usually 1L or 3L).

Unpack it. For Maitreya, you must wear the HUD contained in the pack every time you want to apply an Omega applier. For Belleza and other mesh bodies, just press the ‘Install’ button on the HUD in the pack and presto, you’re done!


 “Helloooo up there!”

Step Seven: With the relay on your screen, open the product with the Omega applier, open the applier HUD and select to apply!


 “Yay I can still wear sexy underwear! Thank you Blacklace!”

Step Eight: If you wish to wear normal mesh, just add the appropriate size as usual… but wait, my butt is poking through!!! I can’t apply an alpha layer, what do I do? Open the Maitreya HUD and select the ‘Alphas & Layers’ tab, there you will see a selection of body areas you can click to make them invisible!


“My butt is not THAT BIG!”

Step Nine: Once you’ve applied alpha to the necessary areas using the HUD, you’re set!!


Questions? Suggestions? Something you’d like to see me do a tutorial on? Leave a comment! ❤

In the final pictures, I’m wearing:
Skin –  Anna (No. 8 Natural) by AIMI Skins
Hair – RIN by Argrace
Lingerie & Dress – After Hours Leather Mesh Dress by ~Blacklace~ (Omega appliers included)


21 thoughts on “Mesh Bodies 101: Mesh Bodies for Beginners

    • No don’t give up! I have an inworld group called Mesh Body Addicts and a facebook group (also called Mesh Body Addicts) – join one of them and let us know what the problem is, there are so many helpful people around that will help ❤


    • you should never give up with something fails always keep trying untill you get it right , i know it can be hard but giving up is not the answer after all you bought it and i m sure you want to use your body there is help join the maitreya friends group and we are always there to help people and to answer anything to do with mesh bodies clothes things like that


    • There is hope Deesse!! Don’t forget I also have in world group (just search for Mesh Body Addicts) with so many helpful people in it – a Facebook group of the same name too. Post your questions and I’ll always try to help!! ❤


  1. I just found this page tonight, and THANK You! so much. I’m so old school. lol and have resisted mesh for a long time, just a few months ago I finally found mesh hair that I liked that did not look like the plastic hair on those little lego guys. My friend has been bugging me for months to update my Avatar and get a mesh body he says I’m so outdated.Pfft. Anyway I felt so lost with what applies were for or how to use them.. But i finally did break down and buy The Maitreya and Eve bodies ( I couldn’t make up my mind) . But, they have been sitting in my inventory for almost 2 months now because I felt intimidated after I unpacked them. That was until I read this step by step guide. Once again, thanks so much this website has been so helpful!


    • Desire you are so welcome!! I’m so glad you’re finding the tutorials useful!! I have both a facebook and an inworld group called Mesh Body Addicts, and both have lovely people in them that support each other while we learn about these bodies, so if you have questions or get stuck, join one or both and ask away. You will get it, it just takes time to wrap your mind around ❤ Daria


  2. This article is wonderful, I am exactly the sort of user that you are talking about and very confused by mesh and all that comes with it. I found your explanations very clear and easy to follow and I am much more aware of the steps to follow. After reading your reviews, I have just purchased the Maitreya Lara Mesh body, which is adorable, I love it, but when I opened the package I was very daunted by all the pieces inside. However, I just went through the steps as you outlined them and in no time I was looking good.

    Thank you so, much and please keep up with the tutorials for people like me who are not stupid, but easily confused by the technical aspects of second life.


    • Thank you so much for your feedback Mairachel, it means the world to me to know I helped! But trust me, at the start I was just as confused as you were (if not more!). Mesh bodies is a whole new concept to everyone ❤


  3. You should properly explain how to apply tats . i have tried all sorts of tat s only ones that work are face ones i have a few full body tats i cant get to work i have the latest update and nothing. someone i know says they get a dialog box i am not seeing it anywhere on my screen . i use singularity and tried with firefox and nothing


  4. My lara body is turning different colors but its all in splotches, as if they whole skin isnt being fully applied on the body.
    Here is a picture…

    i love this body so much but the fact its doing this is upsetting 😦
    and its not just the lighting, ive tried that too.
    When i first got the body it didnt do this.


  5. Thank you for this tutorial! It helped me greatly. I am totaly in love with the Maitreya Lara body. Easy to use and it works well with my fav skin, clothes and I don’t have to ditch my Slink Shoes. Happy here!


  6. I enjoyed your Tutorial, thanks it helped me. I got the Maitreya Lara body too – she’s great. I just want to know if now that I have a mesh body – do I throw away my collection of all those fabulous outfits and tattoos that never came with an applier?


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